“Northwest Coast Pictures” by Steven Luksan

Each movement of this composition is inspired by images found along the Pacific Northwest Coast. The piece features visuals, sounds, and the movement of the performers within the concert hall. To represent the wide spaces and echos found along the rocky coast, the performers are either offstage, in a balcony, or along the side aisles of the hall for three of the movements.

To purchase the sheet music for “Northwest Coast Pictures”, please visit www.stevenluksan.com or e-mail him directly at steven@stevenluksan.com.

“Hermes” by Nicholas Cazares

“Hermes” by Nicholas Cazares explores the Greek messenger god who communicates by flying around using his winged ankles.  This single-movement piece demonstrates both power and agility through flowing passages and homophonic textures.

To purchase the sheet music for “Hermes” please visit the following link: https://www.nicholasjcazares.com/video

Con Bravura! A Collection of Lyrical and Virtuosic Flute Duets Recital